The VLEO COMSAT1 project is a cooperation project of AS-COMSAT with Marmara University, Istanbul and Istinye University, Istanbul.

Based on results of the predevelopment phase 1999-2020 a communication system consisting of two small VLEO satellites and one high-altitude platform (airship) shall be installed.

The communication part development shall be done at Marmara University and shall be financed by TUBITAK 1001.

All other parts of the system are in responsibility of the company AS-COMSAT.

  1. Satellite Bus
    • Power Supply Unit (Battery, Battery Control, Photovoltaic Units)
    • Intertial Measurement Unit (Gyroscope, Acceleration Sensors, Magnetometer)
    • Electrical Propulsion Unit
    • On-board-Computer
    • Telematic Unit (Communication Unit, Antenna) for Satellite Control and Tracking
  2. Satellite Payload (Camera, Inter Satellite Communication Link, Satellite-Airship Link)
  3. Drone Swarm for wood and agriculture areas fire detection
  4. Master Drone Payload (Satellite-Airship Link, Feeder Links, User Links)

Report of satellite prevelopment:

Report of high-altitude platform predevelopment:

Application of system: Fire detection in woods and agriculture areas

Application and Master Students
System Configuration

Working packages:

Lab System Design based on above system configuration (Dr Hassan)

Specification / parts of COM system (Dr Ihsan)

CubeSAT Elements (Configuration, Prices and Suppliers for 1U or 2U) (Prof Salih and Prof Oemer)

Price Estimation of whole system (2 satellites + launch of 2 CubeSats, 1 drone swarm, 3 TT&C stations, 1 gateway/hub, 1 user terminal) (22-29 Oct 2020)